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Our services include sending digital promo kits (high quality MP3 files, biography, cover artwork, pics and lyrics) or cd promos, interview requests and updated reports. We also ask for cd contest if band wants to.

We send the material ONLY to specific reviewers and webzines / magazines / radio that deal with this kind of music. Your music will not be listened by those who do not love folk/viking genre.

Currently Mister Folk Promotion reaches hundreds media partners.

Are you looking for epic hand painted cover artwork and/or new band logo? Please, contact us for more information.


A: Press release: do you want to spread your news worldwide? We send your news to our media partners – € 5

B: Digital promo pack + reports – € 20

C: Press release + digital promo pack + interview request + contest + radio + reports – € 30

D: Hand painted cover artwork (+ booklet) and/or new band logo – contact us!

— you can pay without money, just send me some copies of your cds! —

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